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The Prouvée-Réponses is a company founded by two brothers, two sons of a father who stepped into the health and cosmetics sector in 1986, and who have been continuing to serve pharmacies in the health sector with their father since 2010.


Benefiting from their father's experience and knowing the industry very well, the two brothers founded The Prouvée-Réponses company in 2018. The two brothers, who have been in the industry for many years and know the dermocosmetic industry very closely, have done research for many years on how to deliver more useful products to people in the most economical and most beneficial way.


As a result of the successful results of the researches and clinical studies, it brought its first products to customers through pharmacies in 2022.


Investing in the field of dermocosmetics, our company started to produce organic products under the brand of The Prouvée-Organics in the same year. Our company, which aims to produce products for every demand and need of the society, has adopted the principle of producing the most beneficial products by using innovative technology and active ingredients without compromising on quality.


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